ROIRocket’s sophisticated Panel Management platform lets you listen to and learn from the people you want to understand like never before. Our Panel Management solution includes a flexible Member Portal for optimal member engagement, sophisticated panel management and sampling features, a robust suite of reporting and analytic tools as well as built in quality control and fraud prevention capabilities.


Our Panel Management tools are unrivaled and enable you to create deep member profiles, segment users and target the precise respondent you wish to reach – every time. Profiling can be dynamic, and as your organization’s needs change, you can append demographics, or new fields of information as needed. Our Panel Management solution enables you to:

  • Utilize your existing background data and contacts to build an online panel, or build one from scratch.
  • Implement best practices with state-of-the-art sampling capabilities.
  • Avoid invitations to respondents who will not qualify for your online research project.
  • Establish business rules that optimize panel management performance.
  • Minimize your panelist churn, and increase panelist retention with advanced panel management functionality.

Member Portal

Engagement is the heart and soul of any panel. Keep community members engaged through your uniquely branded Member Portal. We will work with you to ensure it provides an appealing look and feel with features enabling you to engage with community members and offer them a reason to return. ROIRocket Member Portal features include:

  • Built in profiling engine makes it easy to get to know your panelists better and
  • Launch regular activities, such as a Daily Poll, to get instant feedback.
  • Incentive administration and management with built in sweepstakes, points programs and gift cards.
  • Fully mobile-enabled to ensure great customer experience across all device categories – desktop, tablet and mobile phone.

Reporting and Analytics

Our best-in-class platform delivers robust reports in real-time – greatly expediting the market research process. Community health tools show an ongoing view of the strength of your community members as they grow and evolve. Our comprehensive reporting and analytic tools allow you to analyze retention, churn, recruitment sourcing, payouts or response rates. Understand them all and more through real-time reporting solutions from our panel management software.

Quality Control and Fraud Prevention

At ROIRocket, quality control and fraud prevention is paramount which is why our panel management solution applies strict quality controls to exclude fraudulent respondents and the data that results. Our built-in quality control features include:

  • Digital fingerprinting that flags duplicate respondents, email and panel accounts.
  • 2-factor authentication confirms location prior to reward redemption.
  • Fraud scoring monitors and excludes suspicious respondents.
  • Speeder detection prevents respondents from straightlining surveys.