programming and hosting


ROIRocket provides the full continuum of programming and hosting support options required to ensure that the fielding of your surveys will meet your expectations. Our programming and hosting services include:

  • Experienced survey programmers with extensive skip pattern/rotation management experience
  • 24/7 Programming coverage
  • Real-time management of sample, quotas, and data output


The ROIRocket reporting interface offers:

  • An easy to use, in-depth, secure, real-time reporting interface that allows our clients to check sample stats, quota alignment, and overall project progress from any location providing internet access
  • A PowerPoint compatible format which has been designed to help you create quick and clean fielding progress reports you can share with your clients
  • A user friendly, real-time dashboard that can be used to monitor fielding progress, sample quality, actual survey length, and target audience actual incidence
  • A fielding management reporting tool to diagnose questionnaire flow problems and quickly identify any question that is producing unusually high “abandoned mid survey” rates

Fraud Protection

Our Fraud Protection Protocol offers a number of advantages and benefits including:

  • State-of-the-art IP address monitoring that quickly identifies “professional respondents” or “survey bots” designed to manufacture survey results designed to mimic actual survey respondent interview results
  • Digit fingerprinting to detect if multiple email accounts are being used with the same computer
  • Identify if panelists are completing surveys for other panel companies using the same computer
  • An aggregated “survey activity” report of suspect respondents which can be used to determine if the respondent’s data should be used and/or if the panelist should be “blacklisted’ by ROIRocket and its peer network of other sample companies