ROIRocket tracks the digital footprints and growth trajectory relative to direct competitors for 2,000+ major international brands. The data collected is published monthly as a syndicated research product with the intent to help aim follow-up deep dive reports and custom research. Our monthly Brand Topline Report analyzes consumer behavior across Website, Search, and Social platforms taking into account the following metrics:

  • Ranking – Rank of brand relative to its competitors measured across multiple data sources
  • Audience – Measure of a brand’s overall consumer base in the digital context
  • Traffic – Represents the quantity of digital consumer interactions by brand
  • Eyeballs – Measure of a brand’s share of overall digital content consumed
  • Time Spent – Measure of a brand’s time engagement during a digital consumer interaction
  • Interactions – Measure of a brand’s content engagement during a digital consumer interaction
  • Interest – Intensity of consumer searches for a brand relative to its peers
  • Loyalists – Consumer patronage for a brand across the large digital social networks