ROIRocket is one of the most cost effective recruitment companies in the industry. The quality and reliability of our recruitment services has made ROIRocket the preferred “go to” recruiter for many of the largest market research companies in the world. The key to our success is our significant investment in technology coupled with a thorough panelist screening protocol designed to weed out poseurs and professional survey takers. Our panelist screening protocol emphasizes respect for the potential respondent’s time and effort, and that investment ensures that the individuals we recruit for your research will be bona fide representatives of your target audience.

Armed with its own multi-million person panel, ROIRocket leverages state of the art market research science to developing panelist profiles that not only describe demographic and firmographic characteristics, but literally include pictures of the products actually owned by the consumers. These picture profiles, in addition to ensuring the potential respondent is qualified to participate in your survey, also serve to cultivate a collaborative environment where the consumer and the research company work together to gain a better understanding of the market and related opportunities.

ROIRocket has extensive experience recruiting to support the following research methodologies and would be happy to share our references regarding the quality and reliability of our work:

  • Online bulletin boards
  • Custom panels / communities
  • Focus groups
  • In-depth phone interviews
  • In-home product tests
  • Dyads and Triads
  • Online chats
  • User experience tests
  • Shop-along studies
  • Mobile ethnographies
  • Clinical trials
  • Online diaries
  • And more…

By mixing online sampling techniques with phone validation, articulation screening, and scheduling, we have been able to provide the scale of a large national panel with the quality of a focus group recruiter.

We hold the strong belief that quality recruitment begins with the invitation. We refuse to provide potential participants any incentive for completing the online screener to qualify and thus remove a major incentive for consumers to pretend to be someone other than who they really are. The only incentives ever provided are for full/complete participation, which we have proven encourages responsive engagement throughout the duration of the study.

ROIRocket is proud to consistently produce:

  • 80%+ participation rates for online qualitative studies
  • 85%+ re-contact rates for longitudinal studies including IHUTs
  • 90%+ show rates for offline focus groups and in-depth phone interviews