Press Release – Most Americans Believe China Misled World About How Covid-19 Transmitted



More than two in three Americans feel the Chinese government is as much, if not more, at fault than the U.S. government for the severity of the outbreak

DENVER, CO – According to a new survey by ROI Rocket, a leading provider of market research-based consulting services, about 72% of Americans believe the Chinese government is just as much to blame for the acuteness of the pandemic in America as the U.S. government, or alternately, bears an even larger responsibility. More than one in four Americans (29%) go so far as to say the pandemic’s severity in the U.S. is ‘completely China’s fault.’

Republicans are more likely than Democrats or Independents to allocate the lion’s share of the blame to China. Nearly three in five Republicans (56%) believe the intensity of the outbreak in the U.S. is ‘completely China’s fault’ compared to only 14% of Democrats and 26% of independents.

Regardless of party affiliation, most Americans (53%) strongly agree that the Chinese government’s early unwillingness to share everything it knew about COVID-19, including how the disease is transmitted, prevented a prompt and appropriate U.S. response. They also strongly agree that the Chinese government has severely underreported the number of coronavirus cases and related deaths (52%).

For the third week in a row, a significant plurality of Americans say they’re ‘extremely concerned’ about contracting the virus. This percentage has hovered around the mid-forties since mid-March and, at present, appears to have plateaued, having shown no significant increases in the past three weeks. That figure currently stands at 44%, down just one percentage point from the week prior. The percentage of those with serious concerns about an immediate or extended family member coming down with COVID-19, however, has crept up steadily from a mid-March low of 47% to a current high of 62%.

Public perception of the initial shock the pandemic delivered to the U.S. economy appears to have flattened out. About 72% of working Americans report a COVID-19-related disruption to their regular work routine. These disruptions include being compelled to work at home, suffering a layoff or furlough and/or losing work hours or wages.

As a consequence, the fairly low percentage of Americans optimistic for a ‘much better’ economic situation six months from now-just over one in four-has held steady over the last two weeks. About 29% express a sense of hope for the U.S. economy in the short-term, down just a couple of percentage points after a precipitous drop of ten points three weeks ago-about the time many new stay-at-home orders were issued. For the moment then, Americans appear to have resigned themselves to a dour holding pattern.


This study of 1,002 U.S. residents aged 18 and older was fielded between March 31 and April 6, 2020. The results have an associated margin of error of +/- 3.1% at the 95% confidence level in the most conservative case. This means the results come within plus or minus 3.1% of the results that would have been obtained given a census of all qualified individuals. Sample collection was balanced to U.S. Census figures for gender, age, race/ethnicity and household income.

The study is projected to run for another thirteen (13) weeks and include separate, supplemental studies of business leaders and healthcare professionals. Press releases will be issued periodically for these studies as warranted by the results.


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