When it comes to getting senior level respondents to take a market research survey, firms often run into these two issues: 

  1. Providing proper incentives for senior business decision makers to take market research surveys.
  2. Validating data from senior level respondents to make sure when they do fill out the surveys, they are who they say they are.

Senior decision makers like CEOs, CTOs or CFOs are high quality respondents for any B2B market research project. 

Their opinions and experience are extremely valuable and help influence big business decisions.

Running A Market Research Survey The Right Way

To ensure this high quality data is accurate for our client, we do not cut any corners. 

So, if someone says they can get C-suite executives to answer survey questions for consumer sample pricing…

…you should be very skeptical about whether the respondents are who they say they are. 

Most market research companies use self-reported data about respondent occupations.

Well, we don’t think that is nearly enough.

Here are 3 steps we take to make sure a business owner took your market research survey…

1. Source from relevant and appropriate pools of respondents.

First, how do you know you’re reaching out to senior level decision makers? 

To start, we partner with industry associations and trade publications to find them. 

These are spaces where you can be certain most respondents you reach out to are management or senior level. 

2. Validate your respondents using third party information

Once you know you’re sourcing from a rich pool of potential respondents who are likely qualified, how can you be confident that they are who they say they are? 

We validate them using third party information. 

This includes state licenses, physical addresses of businesses for respondents, board registries, membership information, and more. 

If everything matches up with this third party information, you can be that much more confident that you’re getting the right respondents. 

3. Rigorously check data quality.

Double check, even triple check your data. 

Even after your respondents have been validated. 

This includes checking every single open end verbatim response. 

By thoroughly checking your data, we are accounting for any outliers and providing the most comprehensive understanding of your data pool.

High Quality Data From High Quality Respondents

By doing these three steps, we provide your team and your clients the high quality data they expect from us. 

At ROI, we help the world’s leading management consultancies get the best data to influence their clients’ biggest business decisions. 

Looking for high quality B2B market research data to influence your next big business decision?

Contact us here. It won’t cost you anything to talk and you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.