You’d be foolish not to give 4.56 billion people what they want

They’re certainly BIG numbers.

Any idea who they are?

4.95 billion is the total number of internet users worldwide 

    – a staggering 62.5% of the entire global population.

On average, internet users spend 6 hours and 58 minutes online every day.  And the number of internet users has been increasing by 192 million year over year.

You may not have known the figures…

…but you probably knew – thanks to everyone being on the internet – that online surveys are fast and cost-effective.

There’s no sign of change, either; experts expect the popularity of online surveys to grow by 16% each year until 2026.

What about the 4.56 billion people?

They’re the 92.1% of users accessing the internet via their mobile phone.

    In 2020, 68% of website visits came from mobile devices.

With figures like these, you’d expect using mobile surveys to be the default option.

But here’s the kicker: only 60% of market researchers say they use mobile surveys regularly.


According to experts, two reasons people don’t complete surveys on their smartphones are survey length and a poor user experience (UX). 

– This may help explain why searches for “UX design” have exploded by 196% over the last five years!

However, consumers do seem prepared to overlook these shortcomings.  

By the end of 2018, 33% of online surveys were started via a mobile device – which is a big jump, considering the figure was only 3-7% just five years before.

Going Mobile

The point of all market research is, of course, to see how your brand, products or services are perceived by your target market…

…which means you need the maximum number of completed surveys. Mobile surveys are a must.

Providing mobile-compatible surveys for your audience is therefore very desirable.  And optimizing the UX of your survey for mobile devices is a smart move, as it will increase participation by 10% or more.

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