Had enough of COVID-19 related marketing?

    You’re not alone.

But, like it or not, the pandemic has made permanent changes to our world.  And if you keep working like it was 2019, your business is bound to hurt. 

For example, the move to digital. 

COVID-19 And The Move To Digital

Thanks to the seismic shift in how consumers operate in the past two years, companies like yours have been investing in market research tools and technologies.

They’ve had to, in order to understand the new world they – and you – are now in.

According to Qualtrics‘ 2022 Market Research Trends Report, 67% of companies say:

“COVID-19 has increased our organization’s interest in adopting new, specialized market research software and technology.”

What tools are they adopting?

  • 69% – Online consumer panels
  • 63% – Market research online communities
  • 62% – Online B2B panels
  • 56% – Social media listening and analytics

But it’s not as simple as adopting new tools.  These shiny new objects come with three BIG conditions.

You have to:

1.  Know how to use them properly

2.  Understand the information you collect

3.  ACT on what you discover

Only by nailing all three are you positioned to turn uncertainty into certainty.

Getting The Best Out Of Your Market Research

And the easiest way to ensure your success is to work with expert partners who specialize in all of these.

Partners like ROI Rocket.  Since 2002, we’ve helped over 2000 companies glean the best from their market research.

Here’s what one leadership executive at a Fortune 250 company had to say about our work:

“I continue to appreciate the data quality with ROI Rocket. Making strong recommendations to the client is so much easier when you truly trust in the data. Keep up the great work.”

And here’s what the COO at a venture-backed consumer products company had to add:

“The team did an absolutely fantastic job supporting us through the survey – they were extremely helpful and went above and beyond to help deliver the best possible survey outcome for us. Would definitely be excited to work with the team again.”

If you’re interested in finding out more about how we can help you, just drop us a line for a free consultation.