Market research is, of course, only a smart investment…

    …when it gives you accurate, useful information.

Anything less and you’re throwing your cash away.

Why Quality Control Is Important

Even worse, poor market research doesn’t tell you what you need to know to make your important business decisions.  

When companies rely on bad market research, they lose sales. 

Think about failed product launches, tanked television ads, PR nightmares… 

Many are a result of bad market research. 

    We’ve seen surveys trashed with a whopping >40% of responses being useless. 

Which is why it’s absolutely essential you quality control the survey responses you get.

Or, even better, bring on a trusted partner who has established QC processes. 

Problem is, lots of market research companies only do it half-heartedly.  

   Some don’t even quality check their surveys at all. 

What We Do Different

Here at ROI Rocket, your survey data undergoes thorough quality checks. Here are a few examples:

  • Did they complete the survey too quickly? We call these speeders.
  • Have they checked the same response in a grid with 5 or more rows? We call these straightliners.
  • Is the survey taker using the same response for every open-end?
  • Do any of their responses conflict, such as the zip code not matching their city/state, or they spend $200k on holiday shopping but their annual HHI is $45k?
  • Are they checking too many items in a multiple response question?
  • Any responses which mention the incentive as the reason for taking the survey?
  • Have they used too many generic or market research buzzwords, such as “cool”, “good”, “innovative”, and “ease of use”?
  • Are all their responses “non-responses” such as “none”, “nothing”, or “n/a”?
  • Did they provide gibberish, nonsensical or off topic open ends? 

This is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Funny enough, we get quite a lot of responses with obscene language. 

   And despite what you might think, we don’t trash all of it…as long as it’s related to the topic. 

If a response says “Their customer service is a f***ing nightmare”, this actually provides insight, so we keep it in our overall analysis. 

But when a response says “F*** you”, this is not constructive to the market research project. So we toss it. 

Now, imagine if a market research firm didn’t check for these kinds of survey responses? 

Many don’t…

That’s why our quality checks help ensure your survey data is free from disingenuous and illegitimate respondents.  

And, crucially, that you can trust your data to make your next big business decision.

If you want confidence in your next market research, drop us a line.